Important Costa Rica Travel Tips


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You should also leave any valuable or valuable adornments at home, or possibly secured in the lodging safe on the off chance that you should carry these things with you. Never leave cash or valuables in your room while you are no more.

1. Possibly utilize the red taxis when attempting to discover a taxi. These taxis are red and they have a tag with red numbers, making them easy to spot. At times there are illegal cabs in the city and these taxis don’t have the red numbers and shading. When you get in the taxi take a gander at the meter, and make sure it is set at zero. It is conceivable to negotiate the cost of your excursion before the meter is started, and if so then you will know before you reach your destination what the exact cost is for the fare.

2. Instead of carrying around your original passport and other important reports take a duplicate of them and leave the originals secured in the safe at your lodging. This tip while enjoying Costa Rica travel can enable you to anticipate a nightmare of delays and bureaucracy on the off chance that you do have your wallet or satchel taken. The black market offers a significant expense for passports and other taken identification papers, especially when they are from an American resident.

3. One Costa Rica travel tip is to watch out for teamwork among cheats. One normal system is for one individual to find you while another is stealing your cash and valuables. On the off chance that you get a flat tire don’t leave your vehicle unmonitored while you change the tire. Another normal tactic is for one individual to distract you and help with the tire change, while an accomplice is exhausting your vehicle of everything that has any value at all.

4. When shopping and feasting out make sure you comprehend what taxes will be forced. While you are shopping it is important to take note that there is a thirteen percent sales tax on purchases, and this can be calculated into the value you pay or added to this amount. Before you make a purchase decision if the sales tax is incorporated, and don’t be afraid to negotiate. In restaurants and bars, there is an added 10% tax over your total cost. Tipping is optional however appreciated.

5. Make sure that you pack appropriately for Costa Rica travel. Light garments and natural fabrics are an unquestionable requirement, however, you will also require a light jacket or sweater for when it is rainy or when the evenings turn cool. On the off chance that you will investigate the forested areas, at that point boots, jeans, and a since quite a while ago sleeved shirt ought to be incorporated into your packing list.

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